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Gear Down and Conquer the Trails

Elevate your off-road experience with the SuperATV 4” GDP Portal Gear Lift for your Honda Pioneer 520. This innovative upgrade not only provides a 4” lift but also empowers you with a 15% or 30% gear reduction, unlocking performance capabilities you never thought possible. Whether you prefer cast or billet aluminum housing and the added strength of dual idler bearings, the GDP Portal Gear Lift ensures that no trail is too challenging when you're riding on it.

Ideal for All Types of Riders

If you're a fan of off-roading, you'll be amazed by the mud-slinging capabilities of a 30% gear reduction offered by Honda Pioneer 520 portals. With larger tires and enhanced torque, you can effortlessly conquer even the thickest mud that used to slow you down. Our 30% gear reduction excels in various terrains, but if you prefer maintaining a higher top speed, the 15% option provides robust power without sacrificing your UTV's maximum velocity.

Drivetrain-Friendly Gear Reduction

Unlike traditional transmission-based gear reductions, our portal lifts relocate the gear reduction to the hub, thereby reducing the strain on your Pioneer's vital components. This results in extended durability for your axles, differential, prop shaft, and transmission, making reduced stress one of the primary benefits of a portal gear lift.

Strength from Start to Finish

Our extensive experience in the field has guided us in crafting the strongest portal housing and backing plates for GDP portals. Whether you select cast or billet aluminum housings, you'll benefit from unmatched durability, reinforced gear retention, optimized oil flow, and advanced alloy backing plates measuring 5/16". Our commitment to strength ensures reliability. Our housings are engineered for optimal gear retention and oil flow Advanced steel alloy backing plates surpass the strength of chromoly Enhance performance with Portal Blood—gear oil specially formulated for GDP Portals We've eliminated vents as they can do more harm than good, a conclusion reached through rigorous testing

Advanced Gaskets, Seals, and Bearings

Our portals boast: Advanced gaskets and O-rings with superior oil resistance and minimal deterioration rates A sealed input gear and double-lipped output seal Complete sealing coverage, eliminating worries of oil leaks Double-angular contact output bearings to prevent premature wear Roller idler and drive bearings to maintain precise gear meshing

Dedicated Customer Support

Should you require assistance in selecting the right portals for your needs, our specialized portal support team is ready to help. Contact us today, and we'll ensure you receive the perfect set of portals.

4” Portal Gear Lift Package Includes: 

(4) Assembled portal hub boxes equipped with 9310 gears, seals, output shaft, gaskets, and thrust bearings
(4) Universal hubs and precision-ground stainless steel slotted rotors with lugs
(4) Specialized steel alloy backing plates
(4) Steel caliper mounting plates
(4) Caliper mounting plate shims
(2) Steel steering arms
(8) Bushings with (4) steel sleeves
Extended brake lines
All necessary hardware, including a recessed castle nut socket
Steering stop kit

Key Features:

Versatile Housing Options: Choose between billet or cast aluminum housing based on your preference and requirements.
Dual Idler Gear Configuration: Maximize strength with a dual idler gear setup, ensuring robust performance in the toughest conditions.
Precision Ground Gears: Experience smooth, quiet operation with precision ground gears crafted from 9310 alloy billet steel.
Significant Width Increase: Increase your vehicle's width by 4 inches per side, totaling an impressive 8 inches.
Durable Drive Shaft: Rely on the durability of a 1.5-inch diameter 4340 hardened steel drive shaft.
Advanced Sealing: Benefit from advanced gaskets and O-rings that create an impenetrable seal, preventing foreign matter from entering.
Universal Bolt Pattern: Enjoy compatibility with all major bolt patterns, providing flexibility in wheel selection.
Drivetrain Stress Reduction: Reduce stress on your drivetrain with the included gear reduction, enhancing overall durability.
Offset Enhancement: The dual idler gear configuration also introduces a 1-inch offset for added versatility.
Lightweight Design: Experience the advantage of a lighter setup compared to the competition.

Wheel Requirements:

  • Wheel Size: Fit 14 inches or larger wheels for optimal compatibility.
  • Backspacing Limit: Ensure your wheels do not exceed 5 inches of backspacing.
  • Not Compatible with Dual Beadlock Wheels: Please note that these portals are not compatible with dual beadlock wheels.

Honda Pioneer 520 Portal Gear Reduction Recommendations:

  • Max Tire Size: Depending on your desired tire size, you'll need specific suspension setups with 4" portals:
    • Up to 25" tires are compatible with the stock suspension.
    • Opt for high-clearance 1" forward offset A-Arms when using up to 30" tires.

Need Help Choosing the Right Gear Reduction?

  • Utilize our portal gear reduction calculator for assistance in determining the ideal gear reduction for your needs.

Tire Size Considerations:

  • The maximum tire sizes mentioned are measured at full compression and full turn. These tire sizes represent the largest options without the risk of rubbing. In some cases, minor trimming or adjustments may allow for the use of larger tires.



Product Fits

  • 2021+ Honda Pioneer 520


  • 4” Portal Gear Lift

  • 100% sealing coverage throughout so you can forget about oil leaks

  • Double-angular contact output bearings to prevent premature wear

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