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It's Absolutely Fantastic!

Want to ensure the longevity of your GDP Portal Gear Lift, even when you're pushing the limits in mud holes and rock gardens? Introducing Portal Blood, the specialized portal gear oil designed exclusively for GDP. With a lifespan four times longer than standard gear oils, it enables you to extend your riding adventures significantly before needing an oil change. Its exceptionally high viscosity formula ensures your gears stay well-coated. What's more, it's enriched with unique oil technology, courtesy of the same experts behind your GDP Portal Gear Lift. Portal Blood: expert-made oil for expert-made portals.

Get the Right Amount of Portal Blood

You can choose from three options: a 32 oz bottle, a 6-bottle case, or a 5-gallon jug. Each quart-sized bottle is sufficient to fill all four portal boxes, regardless of your portal kit's size. The 5-gallon jug provides enough oil for up to 80 portal boxes, making it perfect for your workshop or riding club. It even comes with a pull-out spout and is compatible with drop-in pumps for added convenience.

Tailored for Portals

Portal Blood is purpose-built for portals and isn't just another generic, one-size-fits-all gear oil you'd find at any auto parts store. So, what sets Portal Blood apart from ordinary gear oils? Several key factors:

  • It lasts four times longer than other oils because it's crafted from highly refined, top-grade base oil for enduring lubrication.
  • It conditions seals, preventing them from shrinking, hardening, or cracking.
  • It inhibits rust, corrosion, and oxidation, ensuring your gears have a longer lifespan.
  • It adheres to your gears even when your machine is idle, reducing dry start wear.
  • It separates water from oil, preventing water from clinging to any surface.
  • It lowers operating temperatures and reduces seal pressure.
  • It cushions impacts from heavy loads, minimizing wear, and reducing vibration and chatter.

Ride Tougher and Longer

What do all these cutting-edge features mean when you're out on the trail? They mean you can ride worry-free and tackle tougher trails, creeks, and mud holes that you might have been hesitant to explore before. GDP Portals were already known for their strength, and now, their blood is bulletproof too. Get Portal Blood and rev up your adventure.

Key Attributes:

  • Offers up to four times the longevity compared to standard gear oils.
  • Available in various sizes:
    • Individual 32 oz bottle (equivalent to 1 quart)
    • Case of six 32 oz bottles (equivalent to 1.5 gallons)
    • Large 5-gallon jug
  • A single bottle provides sufficient capacity to fill all four portal hubs (regardless of their size, be it 4”, 6”, or 8”).
  • Prevents water from adhering to surfaces.
  • Reinforces and expands seals.
  • Reduces operating temperatures for improved performance.




  • Last 4X longer than oil!

  • Conditions seals for longer life

  • Inhibit rust, corrosion, and oxidation

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