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This is the 44" tall, 11.2" wide, for a 24" wheel BKT TR 171 that weighs 89lbs.

Designed for Dominance

The BKT TR 171 tire is the result of years of tire engineering mastery. Its specialized design caters specifically to mud bogging scenarios, ensuring you have the grip and control needed to conquer any wet and muddy surface. Prepare yourself for thrilling adventures with unrivaled performance!

Maximized Traction

Leave those muddy worries behind as the BKT TR 171 tire boasts a unique directional and extra-deep tread pattern. With each rotation, the tire claws through the mud, providing an exceptional grip and traction that will keep you on track, no matter how challenging the conditions are.

Built to Last

Crafted with durability in mind, the BKT TR 171 tire is engineered to withstand the harshest terrains and harsh off-road conditions. Its robust construction ensures that you can venture into the wilderness with confidence, knowing that your tire can handle whatever obstacles come your way.

Unmatched Versatility

Whether you're exploring muddy trails, traversing through slippery slopes, or navigating tricky off-road tracks, the BKT TR 171 tire rises to every occasion. It's the perfect companion for both ATV and UTV owners, empowering you to explore the great outdoors with ease and confidence.

Seize the Adventure

With the BKT TR 171 tire, your off-road adventures will never be the same. Embrace the thrill of mud bogging, and elevate your ATV or UTV's performance like never before. This tire is your gateway to conquering the wilderness, unlocking a world of excitement and exploration.

Upgrade your off-road experience with the BKT TR 171 tire - Your path to mud-bogging supremacy awaits!

Wheels are not included with the purchase of tires, listing price is for a full set of 4 tires.

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  • Directional tread pattern

  • Extra deep lugs

  • Self cleaning design

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