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gear reduction for Honda Rancher foreman rubicon pioneer 500 and pioneer 520
  • gear reduction for Honda Rancher foreman rubicon pioneer 500 and pioneer 520
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Experience enhanced performance and durability with the RBM 40% Primary Gear Reduction designed specifically for your 2014+ Honda Rancher, Foreman, and Rubicon. You might often ask yourself "Why won't my Honda turn the tires well in thick mud?" This gear reduction not only extends the lifespan of your clutches but also allows your ATV to effortlessly spin larger tires, tackling challenging terrains with ease.

Extended Clutch Longevity: Say goodbye to premature wear and tear. The RBM 40% Primary Gear Reduction ensures that your clutches endure less strain, resulting in increased longevity. Enjoy the confidence of a durable clutch system that stands up to the demands of off-road adventures.

Effortless Tackling of Larger Tires: Upgrade your ATV to conquer more challenging terrains effortlessly. The 40% gear reduction provides the extra torque needed to spin larger tires with ease, allowing your Honda Rancher, Foreman, or Rubicon to handle a wider range of off-road conditions.

Recommended Stage 1 HD Clutch Springs: For an optimized performance experience, we recommend pairing the 40% Primary Gear Reduction with the Stage 1 HD clutch springs. This combination ensures that your clutch discs can handle the increased power and torque, delivering a seamless and powerful ride.

No Engine Modifications Required: Enjoy the benefits of enhanced performance without the hassle of extensive modifications. The RBM 40% Primary Gear Reduction is designed to seamlessly integrate with your Honda without the need for additional engine modifications. Upgrade your ride with ease! We do recommend you purchase a Clutch Puller and Front Output Shaft Seal with part number 91202-HR0-F01.

Elevate your off-road adventure with the 40% Primary Gear Reduction - Where Power Meets Durability, Where Traction Meets Ease. Transform your ATV into a powerful and versatile machine, ready to tackle any trail with confidence!

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Reduction Boss

Product Fits

  • 2014+ Honda Rancher 420

  • 2014-2019 Honda Foreman 500

  • 2020+ Honda Foreman 520

  • 2015-2019 Honda Rubicon 500

  • 2020+ Honda Rubicon 520


  • 40% Primary Gear reduction

  • Get longer life out of your clutches

  • No engine modifications required

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