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Center Snorkel Bracket :
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Get your Honda Rancher, Foreman, or Rubicon water-ready with the Titan Center Snorkel Kit. Specifically designed for models from 2014 to 2024, this snorkel kit ensures that your ATV can tackle deep water and challenging terrains with confidence.

Centered Snorkel Design: The snorkel is perfectly aligned in the center of your machine, providing balanced protection and enhancing your vehicle's capability in deep water conditions.

Radiator Relocation Kit Required: Please note that this center snorkel kit can only be used with a radiator relocation kit. It does not work if you do not have a radiator kit on the front of your machine.

Flexible Airbox Intake Hose: Adaptability at Its Best: The Titan Snorkel Kit comes equipped with a flexible airbox intake hose, providing adaptability to any situation. Maneuver through tight trails, take on rugged terrains, and conquer water crossings with ease, all while maintaining optimal air intake for your vehicle.

No Drilling or Cutting Required: Enjoy a straightforward installation process with no need for drilling or cutting. This kit is designed for a hassle-free setup, allowing you to get your machine ready for the water quickly and efficiently.

Enhanced Stability in Water Ruts: Say goodbye to worrying about sinking your bike when leaning left or right in deep water ruts. The centered snorkel design ensures consistent air intake, regardless of your bike's angle.

Quick Installation: Have your machine water-ready within hours of receiving your snorkel kit. The comprehensive instructions and all-inclusive components make installation a breeze, so you can spend more time on the trails and less time in the garage.

Black EPDM Vent Line: Meeting SAE J1037 Standards: We take your safety seriously. The Titan Snorkel Kit features a black EPDM tube for vent lines, meeting the rigorous SAE J1037 standards. Drive with confidence knowing that your vehicle's ventilation system is engineered to provide reliable performance and protection.

Foreman and Rubicon Owners: Don't forget to checkout our Secondary Airbox Delete Plates for your Honda Foreman and Rubicon. Save yourself the hassle from trying to seal up your secondary airbag on your machine. The block off plates are an efficient way to make sure your airbag is water tight when installing your snorkel kit. 

Equip your Honda Rancher, Foreman, or Rubicon with the Titan Center Snorkel Kit and transform your off-road experience. Navigate through deep water with confidence, knowing your machine is protected and ready for any adventure.

Note: Professional installation is recommended for optimal fit and performance.

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Product Fits

  • 2014 Honda Rancher and Foreman

  • 2015 Honda Rancher, Foreman, Rubicon

  • 2016 Honda Rancher, Foreman, Rubicon

  • 2017 Honda Rancher, Foreman, Rubicon

  • 2018 Honda Rancher, Foreman, Rubicon

  • 2019 Honda Rancher, Foreman, Rubicon

  • 2020 Honda Rancher, Foreman, Rubicon

  • 2021 Honda Rancher, Foreman, Rubicon

  • 2022 Honda Rancher, Foreman, Rubicon

  • 2023 Honda Rancher, Foreman, Rubicon

  • 2024 Honda Rancher, Foreman, Rubicon


  • Complete snorkel kit

  • Black EPDM vent lines

  • Gloss black snorkel riser

  • Puncture proof hose

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Sealed tight easy install